What has been the hardest thing for you this pregnancy?


For me I’ve struggled a LOT with how my body is struggling this time around and also the changes are a bit harder to embrace—even after experiencing a killer comeback after baby #1. Idk if the dad not stepping up and fighting for me really makes it any better or worse, I feel like all women struggle with these things regardless of relationship status.

I was super sick first trimester, second I was so stressed I didn’t have time to take care of myself, and now in the third I’m having LOVELY (eye roll) SPD pain which is semi improving with being more conscious in how I move and incorporating exercises that help support the joint. Definitely ready to embrace postpartum but trying to embrace the end of this pregnancy. Only 9 weeks to go 🙌🏼. AND today I’m having a GOOD day so I’m celebrating with soaking up some sunshine and a victory fist pump as I dance around with my feet in my sons kiddie pool. 🥰