Faith (Depression, infertility, and new law enforcement husband job)

Larissa • LEO Wife 👮‍♂️SAHM #GirlMoM 09/01/17 🎀 05/18/20 🎀

Im not a big church person i dont always do right i have days im just “not interested” but i have been keeping myself up and believing in something or anything and i had found myself so depressed and upset i called my mom and asked her if she had a bible i was pleasing with myself to pull me out this funk to help me get over this depressed feeling i had no excuse for...ive never actually read or owned a bible or even really knew how to navigate through one but for my birthday my mom got me one and all i can say is its one of the best things ive gotten in my 23 young years i haven’t stopped going through it since last night.