Graphic abuse: true story.

I’m heartbroken

I got the news that one of my friends had been murdered.

The following tale is completely true but rather graphic. If you’re under 16 I urge you to please not read on. It has details of face and body injuries.

It’s a long story but I’ll start from the beginning.

I’m sixteen

My friend KM, she was 25.

She got with JS we’ll call him, around two Christmases ago. He had moved down from up northern UK a couple of months prior. We’d later find out he’d managed to keep three different arrests for domestic abuse quiet, and also not told us about two restraining orders.

His social media’s had nothing from previous months, as though they had been made brand new.

KM and JS met in a club in Norwich, she went back to his house and ever since then they’d been inseparable.

Everyone liked JS, he was funny and kind and nice to be around, a good laugh and somewhat handsome.

Around four months, JS started managing KM’s social media’s and who she could and couldn’t see.

Around five and a half months, he would yell at her to the point she would be so scared she’d call me and stay on the phone so I could call the police if anything happened.

Around seven months into their relationship, as far as I know, KM called her mum in tears asking if she could sleep at home, her and JS had had an argument and she didn’t feel safe at home, he’d struck her in the heat of the moment and tho sorry now she still didn’t want to be in the house.

She went home to him the following week, and from there things got worse.

Fast forwarding, last Christmas KM face was beaten and swollen, almost beyond recognition. Her eye was purple black and blue, completely puffy. Her lips are swollen and spilt, one tooth knocked out (which JS paid for her to get sorted out, to say sorry), and a bald patch where he’d pulled her back by her hair to continue beating her. And bruised ribs. We told her to leave, called the police, filed reports and they did nothing, said if it happened again to let them know, she went back to him.

He apologised, swore he’d change, and they stayed together.

He kept beating her, nothing compared to that Christmas, but enough to keep control over here. A slap there, a kick here, a punch there.

And then, a few weeks ago, I get told.

KM had been killed, in the home she shared with her two sons and JS.

Beaten. Dragged. Hurt.

She was so beaten up, that an autopsy report revealed that they didn’t know which injury had killed her. The following is a description of all of the injuries, please if you are easily upset please don’t read it, skip the red if you don’t want to read it.


Seven skull fractures, three eye socket fractures, broken nose, seven teeth out, hair pulled out, NINETEEN facial fractures. Three broken ribs, four leg fractures in left leg, two in the right. Broken wrist. Four fingers broken. Bruising around neck from strangulation. Blunt force trauma to the head, stab wound through hand. Broken collar bone.

All on one person.

There was also a blood trail leading from the lounge, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to the front door, and back to the kitchen, presumably where KM had tried to get away and been dragged back.

All of that, on one singular 5’1” mother of two, done by a 6’4” man.


JS is being put on trial, but his claim is that is was accidental and manslaughter.

This is the reality of abuse.

This is a true story.

My friend KM. Gone.

I can barely see the keyboard I’m crying so hard, but I feel as though everyone should be aware of what these things can escalate to, and that it’s real and it does happen and it could happen.

If anyone thinks I should take this down please say, I’m too upset to realise if it’s appropriate.

I don’t mean to upset, trigger, or hurt anyone. My intention is merely to raise awareness. ❤️