Kayleen • Married 💍 Dog mom x2 🐕🐕 Vivian Elaine 6/7/19🎀

I’m a FTM, my daughter is 6 weeks old. Here are my issues:

1) Latch problem? 6 weeks in and the pain is immense and gets worse as the feeding goes on. Shield or no shield still hurts AND unlatches every few minutes. Been checked by 4 people for ties and all say she has none.

2) Because of the pain I’ve been pumping a lot not sure if my flange size is right (I’ve seen all of the google diagrams on correct and incorrect sizing)

3) Because of the above 2 my nipples and about 1/4 inch of my areola are inflamed, puffy and bright red. Thought maybe thrush per visiting nurse did cream for 2 weeks. I stopped nursing and pumped because she had no signs of thrush and didn’t want to medicate her just to keep nursing. The pain in excruciating.

4) Weird let down? I NEVER feel a let down while nursing. When I pump I have to pump a MINIMUM of 20 minutes to get more than a few drops. However at random times during the day I’ll get pins and needles feeling or a little shot of pain in my nipple. Not when she cries or eat a bottle or anything, like doing dishes and this happens but I never have wets spots in my bra.

5) Finally just FYI I don’t make enough either I have to supplement. I only get 2oz from each side every 4 hours or so ( I get literally nothing if I do 2 hours and yes I’ve tried power pumping )

Anything on any of these would be great! Thank you ❤️