The universe is good to me!!!


This is a long story!

I had brought up these Bond Touch Bracelets to my boyfriend 2-3 days ago. To get them you had to join a waitlist because they weren’t selling them since they were all sold out. Coincidentally we were talking about them last night and on a whim I had checked my email. And right there the email had said that they were restocked and we could finally get them. Now i’ve been trying to get a pair for the last 3 years. With a previous boyfriend, family, and friends. So obviously they never went through with the plan. Even though my boyfriend and I live 15 min away, we never really see each other because of family and being busy. He found a way to get them before they sold out. Sad part is that i’m 1,000+ miles away from him and won’t be able to get it until I get back on August 4th. But I am so grateful for him. It’s not even about the money or the bracelet. It’s just he listened and knew how much they meant to me and decided that if this is something that i really want that he will go to the end of the earth to get it. I seriously recommend getting them with anyone you care about or anyone who lives far away.

Here is what they look like and how much they cost!

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