A little confused ☹️😔

Hello everyone here,me and my husband been trying making baby for almost a year now,and we always end up disappointed,I am taking prenatal vitamins and ovaboost and fertility aid for my husband.. it’s almost 7 months that my period is always delayed and we’re always putting a hope that I might pregnant because of its symptoms like craving for food,bloated,dizzy sore breast etc. But every time I tried to test the result was negative💔 😔and it’s make us broken hearted. Same thing every month,praying and hoping that I might get pregnant coz we really want to have a baby. Lately I feel like I don’t want to get disappointed again but I don’t want to lost my hope also,but we stop trying instead Fucos at work and just wait instead whenever god will bless us. Because it is so disappointing so heart broken,I know u all know that feeling of your really excited for having a baby and it’s nothing. Now I’m 5 days late if my period again,so bloated,that I feel there’s a thunder inside my stomach even I’m full i can even heard that its thundering inside,Gassy,and I realised that I keep peeing at work,head ache,sore breast lower back pain,craving. So Again im still have my hope that I might and really wish that this time I am.so I take the test just now and the result was 1 line again 😔💔,but there’s is something a very little hope I can see. I can see a very faint line. Or am I blinded by my hopes only? Can you guys see it too? Or not? I really dunno it’s a little hope or not? Pls help me. Try