What grays?


Hi ladies...Tender subject here. But I had early grays and now in late 30-s the roots are real. I have been okay with all the pregnancy symptoms...fatigue, some nausea, swollen painful nipples, food aversion, peeing all the time, super sniffer (see nausea!)...the usual. But the hardest thing of all to handle - surprisingly - is the feeling I get when I see these roots. Ugh. I’m a first time mama and thought I was ready for all the “sacrifices” of pregnancy, but had overlooked this!

I refuse to color them because I’m still in first trimester. (I know, I’m already bumpin at 10 wks! 🤰🏻) (I’ve heard in second trimester highlights and lowlights that don’t touch the root are ok...anyone with experience with this, would love your thoughts!) But I did find this crayon that has totally changed my outlook on this. It’s been a lifesaver for professional meetings and social outings.

Hope this helps someone else!!