Please help me with my anxiety

Cassie • 25 - Married - 2 sons 🥰

Ok so I'm overweight I'm 290 and I'm a 5'2 22 year old woman. I need to loose weight to have kids and just live a healthier life style. Ever since getting married I truly want to loose this weight so I can ensure a longer and happier life with my husband but i have very very bad anxiety and sometimes when I get a ache or pain I am always afraid it's a heart attack or I am becoming diabetic like my mother. And it scares me well 2 days ago I went kayaking and it was my first time in a year we did the 13 mile and let me tell you it killed me. I cried myself to sleep that night. Bc my arms hurt so bad. But from going off 30+ hours no sleep *I work third shift at the hospital as a CNA* and being in so much pain I had a panic attack thinking I was having a heart attack well once I woke up I was fine arms still somewhat sore but mentally ok. Well I went to work that night and just my head and neck hurt so bad I know it's a migraine but mixed with the arm pain and just the head and neck pain and the dizziness from feeling light headed I freaked out all night. I took my pulse and blood pressure all of it was good. I've been trying to start dieting the past couple days but since i feel so guilty for getting so big i just feel nasueas thinking about eating like that one bite is what's gunna kill me. Even if its chicken or salad. I dont know what to do I'm not acting like my self. I don't know if its because I just started my anxiety medication again or what but how do I not feel guilty about eating... also my gyno suggested the keto diet to help with my pcos.