How to** baby shower tub


Totally made ANOTHER bathtub full of goodies for another GFs baby shower!! So many of you ladies enjoyed it last time that I decided to go over how it’s done😘. First get tub, make sure it’s deep. I fill mine with size 1 diapers, and then more wipes than diapers because those never get too small. I found a gown this time (easy to change diapers, munchkin pacifier feeders(to prevent choking and introduce fruits to diet). Onesie packet. A duckie that tells if water is too hot. NOSEFRIDA. Aveeno wash, baby wash cloths, a scooper for water and newborn sling. 😍 NOW after first selecting what you would like to gift your mom to be with , go pick up stuffed animal filler ( this is like 6$, from Walmart , michaels, hobby lobby, etc) I also throw in bath toys like duckies ontop so it really gives off the bubble bath look! I hope you ladies really use the idea, and please upload any good gifts you’ve given too.