Early genetic testing/insurance


I spoke with my OB about testing for chromosomal abnormalities. She told me they do 2 different tests and I needed to choose between them. She said one was at 10 weeks (blood test only) and a different one at 13 weeks (blood and ultrasound) which tested for additional genetic disorders.

The Dr. said I could need to call my insurance (United Healthcare) to see which was covered, or at least partially covered.

I called her nurse to get the exact names.. all she told me was that one was just a CF test and the other was for Aneuploidy. I realize that neither of these are the actual test names..

I called my insurance to see if they had a list of early genetic tests that were covered. The insurance person I spoke with was absolutely no help. She said they should be covered because they were probably considered preventive. When I explained that they were diagnostic, and probably not considered preventive, she told me she would try to Google it......

Obviously I went in circles with her and got no where.

The OB gave me a pamphlet for HerediT. Which I'm pretty sure is just for cystic fibrosis. But I have no paperwork which gives me the name of the aneuploidy test.

Does anyone have experience trying to find out which of these early genetic tests are covered by their insurance? Anyone have experience with United healthcare and maternity care that can give advise?