Still haven’t told work 🙊

Sooo I’m in week 22 and I still haven’t told my work that I’m pregnant 🙊 I’m mostly remote so nobody’s really seen my bump and when I do go into the office I dress to hide it. I’m up for a promotion and they won’t have a decision until the end of August. 😬 I really don’t want to mess up my chances of the promotion- I know they can’t OFFICIALLY make decisions based off pregnancy, but there’s no way it doesn’t make a difference- but I also feel pretty bad not giving them more time to prepare. I’ll be out during our super busy season (for reference I worked something like 60 hour weeks during busy season when I’m usually working just under 40 hour weeks) so the team is going to be really slammed with the extra work that Id normally be doing. It’s not the kind of job where they can just hire someone to fill in so I guess it is what it is? Idk. Anyone else still haven’t told work??