Cramping and spotting/bleeding


So I'm now 17 days past ovulation so 4 weeks and 3 days approximately. Since 8dpo I've been having a tiny amount of spotting on wiping like every 3 days. Pretty minor, didn't worry too much about it.

I have been having cramping on and off (there more often than not) since I found out I was pregnant. It is sometimes more of a naggy ache than period cramps, and occasionally I get a pulling sensation on either side of my pelvis too.

So yesterday we moved to a different house and I had worked in the morning and then came home and moved some heavy boxes and unpacked the kitchen stuff. I had some pretty bad lower back pain and the cramps were definitely bugging me, then I saw that I had a bit of spotting again in the evening. This morning I woke up and had some fresh blood on wiping šŸ˜” more than spotting this time.

I decided to go to the medicentre, the doc sent me for a blood HCG level, to be repeated in 48 hours to make sure it is doubling. I'll see him on Friday to find out the results.

In the meantime, I'm holding it together because my dip stick tests seem to be getting darker, and my back pain has gone away with rest. Cramping has been minor today and the bleeding went brown and stopped. I don't know if this means I've already lost the pregnancy this morning or if things are settling and getting better! No way to know til Friday.

I am sharing to see if anyone has had a similar experience or any input on these test strips?? Are they getting darker too slowly? If you want to follow and see how my HCG is in a few days that is fine too. šŸ§”