Pregnancy after 35 is nerve racking!

Jasmine • Jasmine, 36. Mother of 2 & pregnant with #3. My baby girl 💞

Being pregnant over 35 is stressful 😩😩😩 Every time I go to the bathroom I’m scared. Scared to cough, sneeze, or laugh to hard 😩 I just want a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Haven’t been pregnant all of 3 weeks and dealing with a bleed. Ultrasound showed sac but of course it’s too soon to see baby. On a good note ob says I’m where I’m supposed to be for gestational age, hcg levels are still rising. I had a tear where the placenta attaches to the uterus my last pregnancy and I didn’t think it would happen again. I just pray my levels keep rising so I can get my early scan and make sure my little bean is ok in there ❤️