Pregnancy after Mirena


Hey there ladies! Hope your day was great.

I had my Mirena surgically removed April 18th, 2019. Unfortunately, the IUD was embedded in my uterine wall 😭😩. Anyways, after withdrawal bleeding in April I had a 26 day cycle (May), a 36 day cycle (June), a 26 day cycle (July), & I’m currently on CD 15.

With that being said, would you consider my periods irregular? Or should I give my body more time to adjust from being regulated by the IUD? Sorry if that’s a crazy question. I’m 26 and I’ve been on the IUD since 22. Also, I was off and on the pill from 18-21 so I feel like I’m a teenager getting her regular cycle for the first time & trying to understand her body - ha.

My fiancé and I are ready to start a family, so I’m curious to know how many ladies were able to fall pregnant after IUD removal.

FYI - I’ve been taking OPKs this cycle and I haven’t had a positive yet (cycle day 15) & my anxiety is wrecking my brain.