Hormones, amiright?

Amanda 🐢 • Had our 🌈👶🏽 in Nov!

Today at the grocery store some jackass nearly ran into me with his car in the parking lot and then had the audacity to yell at me to “watch where you’re walking, fatty!” I came out swinging (verbally) and left feeling annoyed, but victorious.

However, it was my second grocery store of the day and I was on a mission to find a very specific brand of vegan mayo. The vegan store didn’t have it (what?!), the big box store didn’t either (they did have 4 other varieties of vegan mayo, so that’s a win). So... hours later I was at the third grocery store and my final hope really. They didn’t have it.

And there, in the middle of the natural food grocery store I nearly had my first pregnancy crying fit. Over mayo. Not over being verbally assaulted and called fatty by some idiot, but over mayo.

Deep breaths. I picked a different brand and accepted that I wasn’t going to get my mayo. But I also wasn’t going to cry over it.