Please pray for me.


Ok so yesterday i wasn't feeling good at all. I also had some light bleeding, or spotting and was told to take it easy. I text my husband to let him know what's going on and he was very supportive about it. Now for some who may have seen my post earlier about how my husband has gained temporary custody of his eldest daughter and the rants we have had about that, well now i am getting tired of her actions. I know i am not her mother but if you are living under my roof there will be rules and regulations that you must abide by. I am getting beyond fed up with her slamming doors, yelling and cursing, and treating my 7 yr old very badly, cursing her, telling her to shut up talking to her, she will come out her room stand at the top of the stairs and listen for a few moments then get upset and storm back into her room slamming doors punching furniture and cursing. I have spoken with my husband about her behaviors and how she refuses to get up in the morning when i have appointments. She is a cutter and i dont feel comfortable leaving her alone in the house qhile i am gone. I have tried giving her the benefit of doubt and have left her alone. When i did she ate $300.00 in groceries and claim that she didnt eat anything. Come on now you were the only one in the house and i literally just bought groceries for the week. I dont know if my tolerance is low or if the dact that my hormones are totally f×*×ed due to my thyroid. I am about to flip and give this child a 2 yr old spanking on the bottom. What gets me the most is when my husband does talk to her she laughs and giggles like why are you talking to me? I need all the extra prayers i can get before i snap in a bad way

Sorry for the long post

I can t talk to his family and ask for help with her because they stated they dont know what to do with her either. As for council, she refuses to go, and we are waiting for insurance clearance.....