Should I be worried?


So today on Instagram I got blackmailed.

A guy asked me t send him a selfie and no matter how many times I said no he kept asking (ofc I didn’t do it) and then I blocked&reported him on my main. He then went to my second account and aggressively blackmailed me. He screenshotted the pictures of me from my main and showed me he screenshotted them and will do a “facial scan” to track me down and hack my account. Just incase, i changed my password.

I know I’m probably only over reacting over this but this was the first time I’ve been blackmailed especially by a stranger. I didnt send any personal info about me, but is it actually possible to track me down just with a photo of me?

In most of the pictures I post I wear make up and I only add the location if I’m out of town traveling.

Btw, my parents and I will be contacting Instagram tomorrow incase you were wondering.

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