Early signs of Preeclampsia/ advice 😟


Hi ladies, just seeing if anyone else can relate?

My blood pressure has been high at every appointment. At 16 weeks I went to my GP because I felt really lousy and my BP was 170/90, after monitoring and waiting a while it come down to 150/90 and I was just sent home to rest so I didn’t think twice

This morning I had an appointment, again high BP and the midwife sent me for bloods & urine samples- then I had to go to the birth suite for BP monitoring. All day I was 135/80- 150/90

My B/U results for preeclampsia came back all clear so my OB wasn’t too concerned but wants to keep and very close eye on me

I’m only 22+2 and I’m worried I’ll end up having to deliver early (DD 02/12)

Any advice/ recommendations/ personal stories you can share?