So maybe I’m just a little paranoid or whatever but. Let’s start off with I’m 19! I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year now... at first it was awesome! We clicked.. then he moved in with me.. and we’ve been living together for some time now... and it’s good at times but at times it’s not. Like me and my ex are close. He did me wrong but i forgave him but my bf can’t seem to get over it and he doesn’t want me talking to him... i can see his point of view but my ex is literally my best friend! Also there’s time where I wanna go out and do things and he gets mad and doesn’t want me to. But when I bring it up and address that problem he tells me he literally never tells me I can’t do things but that’s a lie. And I tell him examples and he denies it. Also when I do finally get to hang with my friends he’s always texting me blowing up my phone asking me when I’m gonna be home and what I’m doin and all that. And he gets mad when I don’t answer Bc IM WITH MY FRIENDS! And it’s rude to be all up in ur phone when ur with someone. And lastly... I just sometimes feel like the feeling isn’t there anymore. /: and idk what to do. We took a break a few months ago but he started crying and I felt bad. But the bad thing is on that break... I didn’t feel hurt or anything. Is that bad? Or am I just being dumb? Help? 😳😳