Induction set for exactly 39 weeks next week


So my blood pressure is higher then my doctor liked , my prior two pregnancies my kids were big & she’s expecting this one too be big as well , she set my induction for 39 weeks !!!! I’m so excited just kinda upset too because it’s my MIL’s bday ! Lol I know I sound like a baby ; but I didn’t want the baby on anyone’s birthday because I want him to celebrate his own day not share it ! 😩 that’s the only time my doctor has available & is recommending we do it but I’m so nervous because i don’t want a constant reminder that my mil and baby share a birthday 🤦🏻‍♀️ maybe I’m just hormonal & nervous ! I’m a wreck because my son is 2 and I’m super aatachted ! I’m all over he place ... sorry for the long rant !