Daycare provider choices?!


So I had a daycare center picked out and ready to go MONTHS AGO! but then my company got bought out and i get to keep my job (yay!) But now I'm losing my daycare last minute! So I've been scrambling to find care. I'm visiting two this week and here are my options. It's not just about age but that makes the poll easier!

27 year old.. just staring out doing daycare, only takes 3 to 4 babies under 2, more expensive, further drive, BUT I work with her friend and I trust my coworkers reference

OR 68 year old STRANGER, but she used to be a Montessori kindergarten teacher, lives really close to my house (2 blocks away), costs less (about 200 a month less), takes only 6 kids but all under 4 years old, been doing childcare for 20 years

On paper, the older lady seems legit but I hate sending my kid to someone I dont know. I dont know the other girl either, but at least I know a friend of hers.. pros and cons ??! Advice??

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