Sex newbie

I’m 22 and I just recently started having sex. My first time ever trying was the beginning of this year, just so happened to be Valentine’s Day lol. The guy (who’s not my boyfriend, I’m single, but he’s my boy best friend) definitely penetrated, but he stopped because he didn’t want to hurt me. It didn’t really hurt tho, there was just a lot of pressure. I never expected my first time to be with someone I wasn’t dating, but our relationship just sorta developed into that. We truly just started off as great friends, we just bonded and got comfortable quickly. We’re each other’s go to for those difficult conversations about life that we’re scared to have with other friends, but of course we’ve always been physically attracted to one another as well and so, now we’re here. Two great friends who started having consensual sex. Of course, he’s experienced and I’m not whatsoever, so all of my new sexual encounters have been with him. First time giving/receiving, and definitely first time for intercourse, all him. And because we’re good friends, with every new encounter, he literally will try out new positions or scenarios as a way to teach me about a new experience and help me discover my body and what I like.