Am I wrong for being uncomfortable....?

My friends kid is 4 (almost 5) and still breastfeeds. I LOVE breastfeeding my 3mo but want to ween because I’m going back to work soon. And I’m all about moms breastfeeding for however long she feels like it..... to a certain extent! When I talked to my friend, she told me how she nurses her toddler daughter every night, and how cute it is when she asks for “milky time!!”

When I was over at her house last, her daughter kept trying and asking for ME to breastfeed her. My friend thought it was adorable and I was super uncomfortable.

I don’t want to go over anymore because I brought up that I didn’t find it cute and kept trying to get her daughter off my lap and she got all huffy.

This kid is almost in kindergarten. Am I wrong to feel like this is just TOO long to be breastfeeding? She’s going to be asking her teacher for it 😣