Baby no.2! 😅

Martha • 22 from Wales, Baby Pippa 15/10/18 💖 Baby #2 due March 2020 💛 student teacher 🍎

So I’ve just found out I’m pregnant again, my little girl is 9 months old and I’m starting uni next month to qualify for a teacher meaning I’ll give birth 2 months before my course finishes. However I’m a very strong willed and determined person and know I can do it. It was a massive shock that I’m pregnant and I’m excited for this new baby but I’m gutted with the timing of it. Only one other person knows and they were quite negative about it implying I won’t finish my course and this baby is a bad thing. Bit sad that the only person who knows was quite rude so just thought I’d post it on here as we all love babies and I want to be excited for this baby but can’t tell any of my family or friends yet !