Should I break things off??

I just started dating a new man after my (ex)boyfriend of 5 years and I broke up. My new boyfriend seemed awesome at first, we have a lot in common (music, we both love to hike, same favorite movies/tv shows etc) but after we made it official he’s just acted bizarre. For example he told me he can smell when I have to pee or poop and he will take a big whiff of me at random moments and tell me I have to pee or poop (when I don’t) then he will accuse me of lying if I say I don’t have to and will drag me to the nearest bathroom. Another thing is it turns him on when he orders for me and he will order a big steak and me a salad and calls it a power dynamic that gets him horny to see me have to watch him eat the better food. Should I break up?

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