Brianna • 🇨🇦•27•Mom of Madelynn and🌈Willow

So, I'm Canadian and for the majority of your pregnancy you can see your family doctor. I had an OBGYN for my first pregnancy but I moved provinces and see a family doctor for this baby. She referred me to a hospital to deliver at and the network they use has 11 OBGYN's on call for that hospital. They called this morning for intake questions and told me I could meet all the doctors and that one of them would be delivering my baby come December. She said they would submit my intake and call back with an appointment.. well they called back and the receptionist told me NONE of them are willing to deliver my baby because of my BMI! NONE! Are fat people supposed to just deliver their own babies? I happened to be in my doctor's office when I got the call and she was pretty peeved about it and said they're just being extra cautious but I have low blood pressure and have gained 6 pounds so far at 22+3.. has this happened to anyone else? I feel really fat shamed.