F*** off!

My husband has been SUCH a dick lately.

Long story short, he works night shift and came home this morning at 7am. Our son and I were up for the day, I nursed him, pumped a bottle for him as I have to leave for 3 hours this afternoon and I played with him. I had to clean my pump parts so I put our son in his play gym, where he happily plays.

My husband comes in the room and scolds me saying I don't talk to our son enough and I need to interact with him more and shouldn't just leave him playing alone. Please keep in mind, my son was in my view, practically right beside me.

Also, keep in mind, I'm with my son 24/7 and I play and interact with him ALL DAY.

This comment is hurtful and makes me feel like I'm a piece of shit mom.

My husband is barely home he's always working and at the gym, he shouldn't be talking.

He made this comment yesterday as well and said it again today.

I explained to him I had to clean these quickly so I could spend valuable time with OUR son for the rest of the day and wanted to get my cleaning out of the way first. He didn't seem to understand.

He can go f*** himself.