Where was your wedding?! 👰🏼


After MUCH research and budgeting we’ve discovered we cannot afford the original wedding we were wanting with 150 people at the venue we were liking. We’re now looking into elopement, and destination weddings! If we do that it’d probably be 20 people max. I love the idea of going and doing it somewhere in the woods, or a mountain top! Something with a great view. We also played around with the idea of taking a long vacation somewhere and getting married so we could have a honeymoon of sorts at the same time and enjoy our friends and family for part of it. My issue is that I don’t even know where to begin for planning something like this and we’d really like to do it sometime next year...I’d love some location suggestions, or any elopement companies you might have gone through. Our budget total is around 13,000 and I’d love to be able to have a party/reception for the rest of the family at some point too. Any and all info, advice, and suggestions are welcome!! HELP ME lol