2nd FET success!

Michele • 37🙎🏼‍♀️PCOS ; timed intercourse = ds 7/23/09 👦🏼; IUI = ds 3/30/17 👦🏼 ; FET 3/2019 = Chemical ; IVF mama = ds 3/27/20👶🏼

We had a chemical back in March and we just had our betas for our 2nd FET. 1st at 12dp5dt was 1029, 2nd at 14dp5dt is 2665! We are pregnant with baby boy #3! Ultrasound is 8/14 and then I’ll have another 2 weeks after that then transferred to my OB! I literally cannot believe it worked! Prayers for a sticky baby boy! We are so over the moon!