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EDD was July 17th and he was born July 30th. Successful natural VBAC. Spent 3 days at home in early labor then finally went in to the birth center around 12:30am, at that time I was 3cm dilated and 80% effaced. That was discouraging. But ever since that point things progressed quickly. Water broke around 5:30am (5cm dilated at this point) and my 3 year old daughter rubbed my back and fanned me with one of those little foldable fans, it was the best feeling, she’s such a doll. By 7:00am or so I was instinctively pushing with each contraction so they checked me again and I was ready to push. Baby boy was born and placed on my belly at 8:01am. He had a very short umbilical cord so I had to hold him at the bottom of my belly while waiting for his cord to stop pulsating and the placenta to be delivered. I’m so happy I chose a midwife and hired a doula, this was a healing birth after the very traumatic birth of his big sister.

Jack Allen

7/30/2019 at 8:01am

8lbs 15oz

20” long

Drug free VBAC

Big sister, Lily. She was yawning lol

Daddy cutting the cord

Our family is complete