Help? Idk

So there’s this guy I’ve kinda been falling on and off for him since the beginning. When I first saw him come into class I was oooo he cute and his personality just fed into that. Later in the day he was like “do you have a bf?” I was like “no” He found my Instagram nearly a week later and asked for my snap and he was my number 1 best friend for awhile and we had an on and off streak eventually we stop talking after a few months. Then... he starts texting me again and tells me he likes me and I told him I felt the same. Then he gets a gf and cuts me off. Now we’re talking again and that cycle has repeated and we’ve only known each other for like 5 months so I’m confused as I feel I should be. He now hasn’t texted me back since he told me he loved me and I did t know how to react and denied al FaceTimes calls so I may added some stuff... idk maybe he’s mad bc I didn’t say ily back?