Tummy time

My daughter is almost 10 weeks old and I’ve been doing tummy time with her since 1 1/2 weeks old when her umbilical stump fell off. She literally hates it. She will not try to hold her head up, she doesn’t try to roll, nothing. She just lays there with her head on the ground and screams and just falls asleep. I even lay on the floor with her and try to catch her attention with toys and talking to her and it doesn’t help. I don’t know what to do. I see all these babies with such good head control and rolling over and doing all kinds of stuff early on and I don’t want my daughter to be behind to where her pediatrician has to refer her to a specialist or something like he says could happen 😕 I know they say babies will do stuff when they’re ready but I’m just worried 😕any help would be appreciated.