Worried about having a baby with t13


Basically, at my ob I got my nipt results and it said my baby had high probability of having trisomy 13! So I had to see a high risk doctor.

So this doctor basically said , that the harmony test can be off a lot . And that the reality of the situation is that my likelyhood of him having this is more like 6% instead of 98%. I have no genetic markers or anything like , and he said with how bad t13 is , it’s unlikely that a baby even this early at 14 weeks would look this good.( on the ultrasound). So no amniocentesis. I’m getting another blood draw for a test like the harmony test but different. He said if the results are like the harmony test then there’s cause for concern. But either way I come back in 4 weeks to get my anatomy scan here. I mean I feel a little better but not much and jus waiting on the results of this other test. Has anyone been through anything like this. 🤦🏽‍♀️ if your baby had t13 did they have anything wrong at the early ultrasounds? Still really nervous