The baby dust worked ! ✨


My boyfriend and I decided we were going to ttc, so I stopped taking my bc pill on July 17th. I was on the minipill and I did a lot of research beforehand, where I learned that it shouldn’t affect my chances of fertility even though I had stopped getting my period. Based off of all the other women who were in the same boat as me, I had expected to get my withdrawal bleeding about a week after I had stopped, but because it didn’t happen, I began taking pregnancy tests every week since July 25th. Every week it would be no period and negative tests, so today when I was taking my weekly PT I thought nothing of it, BUT the corner of my eye I saw two lines and had to run over to get a second test. And there it was, my second BFP! I’m so excited to surprise my baby daddy with these news tonight 💗

This is how I’m going to tell him later !

Sending all of you lovely ladies baby dust! It worked for me, so it can work for you! Don’t give up hope 💗