Nowhere near ready

Selenah🧁🌸 • 16-14-11... and #4 🤰🏽 Love and Light 💕✨

So, it’s been on my mind lately and I guess I’m just venting.

We are NOT READY for this baby. I had my appendix out and missed 3 weeks of work so we’re behind on bills

Then, we haven’t had a baby shower yet and are trying to put one together and all those details to the people who want to help Because my family and friends are 1600 miles away and my support group is teenie tiny.

No clothes except for the tiny bit I’ve bought and *starts wheezing* I ONLY HAVE 12 WEEKS LEFT!!!! why does it feel like it’s tomorrow?! I feel like I should be putting things together and washing her clothes and feeling like I have a grip but Lord *wheezes harder* I don’t! Someone talk me down *falls face first, still wheezing*

Did I mention I have asthma?