Did I screw it up?

I had a phone interview with a credit union. I have superrrrr bad anxiety and I wasn’t expecting it and I was at work when she called so I was so nervous, you could hear the nerves in my voice and I kept tripping on my words.

I need a new job so bad, as my job now is super irregular and I’ve fallen so behind on my bills and now in debt, so I think I made it harder on myself by being so nervous.

I felt like I was doing a horrible job because I couldn’t talk right, so I was saying stuff to make myself look good. One of the questions was: “do you feel comfortable handling large amounts of money?”

My answer was “yes, actually at my last job I became a temporary key holder and counted the register on nights I closed.”

When in reality, I was OFFERED the position, but didn’t take it. The assistant manager and I were close and she taught me how to count it, but I never officially counted it.

Is this a question she will ask my store manager (who I wasn’t as close with, who had no knowledge of me knowing how to count the drawer)?

I’m wondering since it was a temporary position, and it’s not on my resumé, she won’t ask her. My old manager told me that the only questions employers will ask are my start dates, and if she would rehire me or not.

I have an in-person interview on Tuesday but I’m nervous that after she checks my references she’ll see I lied and it’ll all be for nothing.

(Please don’t be mean - I’m already beating myself up for it 🤦🏼‍♀️)