Need help ditching pacifier

Brianna • Mama•wife•psychic medium💕

Okay so my daughter is 22 months and I feel it’s time to get her off the binky. It seems she’s more attached to them lately and we already have some minor speech delays and a bad lip tie that is effecting her speech. I try to kee it only for bed tome but she hides them everywhere so she always find one during the day and even puts two in her mouth like a binky hoarder🤦🏻‍♀️

She has a an apt for next week to to remove the lip tie and early intervention will be coming next week as well to help with speech.

But I really need some tips on how to go about ditching it. I’m so scared lol. At night she really relies on it. She has a blanket thats been wth her since birth that she’s super attached to and chews/sucks on the one corner but sometimes at night she does that with the binky in her mouth too.

I went around the house today and threw a big out and left only 2 which are currently out of sight and reach. Should I just do it cold turkey? That seemed to work well for us with the bottles/night time feeds.