Surprise Baby shower

Rachelle • Boy mom 💙

So, this is baby #3 for me, and I didn’t want a shower. It’s not that I think it’s tacky, it’s just we had mostly everything we needed and we just bought our first house, so we are tight on funds- rather spend the money on stuff we needed for the baby than hosting a celebration. Anyway, I was on the phone with my mom talking about this deal I had on diapers and needed to go buy a swing and what not, and she just kept saying “Stop buying things, you have time!” So I just kept reminding her I was 33 weeks and needed to have these things done soon because you never know! Anyway, she finally spilled that she is planning a surprise shower/housewarming party for me this weekend, and didn’t want to tell me but didn’t want me to keep buying things. I think the gesture is so sweet and I’m not mad, but I am a bit frustrated because she told me the guest list and it’s a ton of people I don’t know or talk to, and she’s invited them to my house. So now I have to spotless clean my entire home in one day, help her cook and decorate because the co-host is going out of town (really?!). My husband is irritated too, because she didn’t tell him at all, so literally we both would have been blindsided with people showing up to our house on Sunday. We don’t have a lot of parking at our home, it’s a small house in a small neighborhood. We just moved in, we don’t even have a dining room table yet! She’s already purchased all the food and decor and is so excited, but I’m just.. I feel awful but I’m irritated. Wish I had known or at least had the chance to talk her out of it. 😂 Anyway, I’m going to try to be a gracious host and hope for the best, so wish me luck trying to clean this house and cook and decorate for a party I’ve known about for 48 hours.