2days late 😭😭 stress...?

Queen 💕 • 25•TTC #1💕🤞🏽

I’m 2 days late, CD 33, my cycles are normally 28-29 days average. It is 16DPO, as I started temping and testing this month. I feel nauseous, tired, been having headaches all week. I’ve been emotional, (like crying at gender reveal videos😭), and being so irritable. So I feel just super off really.

But, this past month has been slightly stressful. I fractured my foot and I have been looking for a new job. I can say I’ve been a little stressed over me not getting any and picking which job. But could that be enough to extend my cycle?

I’m honestly scared to test, I don’t want a negative. Last year I was a good week late for my period so a few days gets my hopes up because it doesn’t really happen, but idk. I guess I’m just looking for validation 🤦🏽‍♀️

I’ll probably test Tuesday morning if AF doesn’t show her face. That’s my mans birthday so it would be a wonderful surprise for him. I guess I’m just hoping at this point 🤞🏽

Baby dust to all who need it!! ✨👶🏽✨