How do I get my boyfriend to stop vaping? 🚬

I've been with my bf for almost 3 years now and at first I didn't mind that he constantly vaped, but ever since we moved in together last year it's become so much more annoying.

He has an addictive personality. He started smoking weed at a young age and basically up until we started dating he smoked everyday multiple times. When we moved in together he started smoking less. I didn't mind as much that he smoked weed because he did it outside so it didn't effect me. I just didn't like smelling him afterwards or kissing him. Also I tried to get him to stop because our apartment contract prohibits smoking. So one day last year we (and everyone else in our apartment) got a notice from our landlord that people had been complaining about cigarette and marijuana smell. I told him he needed to stop smoking his bong outside cause I didn't want to get evicted and he did, but then he started vaping (nicotine & THC) even more. Seeing as we're all University students in a college town, basically everyone in our apartment smokes. Even though it strictly says in our contract "smoking or vaping prohibited on property".

What annoys me is that he vapes inside the house and everytime we kiss I taste the gross sweet residue in his mouth. He takes a hit every minute when he games (and he games a lot) and the vapor always ends up in my area.

After researching it more there seems to be a pattern in negative effects to vaping. A lot of the ingredients seem fine but when heated to a certain degree can become dangerous for your health. There are increasing reports of breathing problems and heart issues. I know that the amount of information is still limited because it's so new, so the majority of people think it's safe but people thought the same thing about cigarettes in the beginning and look at them now.

Honestly at this point if he wants to risk messing up his body that's on him, but I don't want to risk my health down the line if it turns out that there are 2nd hand risks as well. I also don't want to be evicted, because the other day we got another notice about the smell again, even though I think it's our neighbor smoking.

I've talked to him about this and his response is always "it makes me feel good, it's like beer" and "it's better than smoking cigarettes" 💁 which he never did in the first place. When he loses his vape he gets really irritable and goes crazy trying to find it or buy a new one. Not to mention he spends SO much money on cartridges and replacing them.

I love him a lot and know that it's hard to kick an addiction, but he's strong enough to do it (he's quit things before). How do I nicely get him to stop, or at least reduce the amount he smokes/smoke outside?