Infertility and fibroids


Hi everyone, just need some sort of advise. At a young age was told I have PCOS and might not be able to get pregnant without some sort of intervention. I got pregnant last year March naturally, I was nearly 12 weeks when i had a miscarriage. I had surgery to remove the foetus. Dec I as referred to a private hospital, to be put on some sort of medication. Instead I was asked several questions. The specialist suggested doing a where a scan, it shows have got a large fibroids. He could not understand how no one picked up this problem when I had the scan to check for babies heart beat. I also had a endoscopy done 2 years before to fine out why I was having painful period and pain in my vagina. However he suggested doing a 3D scan and hycosy. Unfortunately when I went back on the 14.08.19. He did a scan which suggested that the fibroids is about 7cm and a smaller one. He told me if he try to remove the fibroids things could go wrong and he might have to do a full hysterectomy to save my life if I start to loose a lot of blood. He wanted me to make a decision I told him its something I could not consent without my husband been there. I dont want a hysterectomy as I would like so much to give my husband a child. He suggested that some hospital will do <a href="">IVF</a> with the fibroids some won't. My husband and I are going to fully fund the <a href="">IVF</a> treatment. Again I am worried because of my age 40. Has anyone gotten pregnant with fibroids or have the fibroids remove and got pregnant, is it risky?. Am so scared that things will go wrong. I have been looking on the internet calling doctors I need a second opinion, before my 6 weeks appointment. I feel so depressed and unhappy. Please remember us in your prayers, any advised is appreciated. I just feel am at the end of the road and needed a friendly ear to lean on.