Thomas Clarke!

Madison • Married to my best friend! New Mommy to Tommy! ❤️👶🏻

He is finally here!! I came in Wednesday night to start induction process, Cervidil was inserted around 9pm, the next morning before even getting Pitocin I was consistently contracting every 4 mins. Got the Pitocin at 8 am and my water broke all by itself at 9am! Fast forward through some contracting and sleeping I was only to a dilated to a 2.5. It was around 3pm this time. I decided on the epidural. After I got that I went from a 2.5 to a 6 in an hour. That epidural stopped working so I had to get another one after about 2 hours in a different spot, that was awful but worth it because when I did that I went from a 6 to almost complete with just a lip in a hour. We labored and practiced breathing for a hour then I was ready to push! 5 contractions and ten minutes later Thomas was out! Me and daddy are so in love and can’t believe he is here!!

Thomas Clarke

8.8lbs 21ins long

8/15/19 11:45pm