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Nana • 👼🏾 May 24 2019👼🏾 August 16 2019 Angel Mommy

I went for my ultrasound today I’m suppose to be 5 weeks and 6 days going off my last period but I’m not to sure now I got sent to the er because they said I was having a possible ectopic pregnancy get to the er the er saying the same thing they called the obgyn down she said it’s either a very early pregnancy or possible ectopic because it’s so early they don’t know she said my hcg are 600 now last week it was 92 everything look fine she want me to follow up with her in Sunday they going to test my hcg levels again and do an ultrasound the male doctors from the er told me they concerned and feel like it’s a ectopic because my hcg is 300 he feel like I should just go through with treating it as a ectopic but she just told me follow up Sunday so idk what to think