Anyone else here with PCOS?!


I feel so deflated. I have only been trying for less than a year and I understand there’s a lot of people that have been trying a lot longer but I just want to know if this can even happen with PCOS!! I’m starting to wonder if I actually have PCOS or just have PCOS symptoms as the only symptom I have is irregular periods and sometimes acne (which is think is a normal amount). The doctors are totally useless and I am trying to do this naturally without trying any meds as it always messes with my system and makes me feel horrible. I was on the pill for 8 years and I haven’t gotten my period since I’ve been off it since Feb 2019 and it’s now August 2019. I am taking multivitamins with vitamin D, folic acid and chaste berry. I track my BBT and CM regularly but I don’t know what else to try naturally.... any suggestions/advice xxxx