He loved it!


My son absolutely loves outside and animals

I’ve wanted to take him to the zoo or something

But I’m not sure if we are ready for that yet

And I don’t want him to be around a ton of people until his shots

I dropped my SO off at work (his car is broke) and then I had the idea to stop at this little place in town where he works.

It’s like a bunch of “old” time shops with antiques, a dog store, an ice cream shop, etc.

In the back there are goats and llamas. I don’t really know what for, but it’s open to the public to feed them if you go to the ice cream shop and ask for an ice cream cone and they’ll fill it with feed . It’s never really busy and I’m not quite sure a lot of people know about it. I’m only aware of it because a friend told me about it and my grandma took me there a LONG time ago when I was little.

Anyways, we get there and we find a quiet shaded spot and a goat came right up to us

My son was completely mesmerized by it!

I can not wait to see how he is when he’s older and with other animals ❤️

His dad and I are huge animal lovers!