I will NOT feel guilty and neither should you!!

Leah ā€¢

Breastfeeding? AWESOME! It's one of the hardest things I've done. I ebf my first for 6months until I dried (hormones out of whack) and for 7 weeks with my june baby. This time it was a combination of things. Low supply (hormones again), pain, intolerance. Guess what, I QUIT. I hate that people try to make you feel bad for quitting or choosing to formula feed from the bat!

I was miserable! I felt just horrible. Isolated from my family. Unable to help my first. Didnt want my husband anywhere near my boobs. I dreaded feeding my baby and I would CRY at the pain. I feel this is the reason I suffer from PPD. Since I QUIT I have felt more like me.

I formula feed and I wont feel guilty about it and if you're struggling with a decision like I did - listen to this:

There are healthy kids who were formula fed.

There are smart kids who were formula fed.

Formulas have come so far in matching the nutrients that are found in breastmilk.

Do what will make you happy. How can you care for another life if you're feeling bad?