Hi everyone,

I’m 42, divorced, no kids yet... I’ve been the care giver for my mom for the last 4 years, who passed away Aug 2. May mom Rest In Peace. No more suffering.

I’ve been tracking my period on Glow for months now. Would like to have a family. My counselor advised me to not date or make any life changing decisions for 12 months, due to grief and healing myself from the loss of mom. That scared me for a bit, cause I’m not getting any younger 😮. I do get his communication tho, his intention is for me to not make any emotional decisions as it may be due to anxiety and desperation.

I do want to attract the right partner for marriage and to start a family and I want certain that I’m making a good choice.

I think 3 months of healing is a good timeframe. Thoughts? Loosing my mom has made me venerable, I feel lonely and sad sometimes and wanna be held and loved. Wanna make the right choices... help if you can pls...