did it move?

Me and my boyfriend had some hardcore sex (sorry for the tmi) but it was like rough and i’m worried my iud maybe moved. I didn’t get my period this month, it’s going on my second month without my period but i’m not sure if it’s just the iud stopping my period completely or if it moved. he didn’t finish inside me, so i’m not too worried about pregnancy but i kinda am. i haven’t had any crazy pain that’s out of the ordinary, i’ve had some minor cramps that i usually get but no period. anyone have any advice or thoughts? anything helps

I’ve had my iud for almost a year and a half and i was getting very light periods randomly, but haven’t gotten it for the past 2 months at all. I also never felt my strings when they did the insertion the doctors said it was there but everytime i check by myself i never feel the strings, so i checked and don’t feel the strings.