First time IVF


My husband and I are getting ready for <a href="">IVF</a> to start at end of August. Nervous and anxious to say the least.

Due to my age (36), the plan was to do one fresh transfer and PGS the rest and freeze. Our genetics blood test resulted in both of us being carriers for Nemaline Myopathy. Now we have genetics counseling on Tuesday to discuss PGD testing.

This may mean I won’t do a fresh transfer and need to test all embryos prior to transplant. It was such a disappointment to learn we’re carriers, but a relief that we know this in advance.

Our protocol may change bc of this. We need to wait to see what our Dr. says. If we do a frozen transfer it’s going to prolong everything. Which makes me sad given how far we’ve come and how close we our to our goal of having a family.

Even though we want to do this ASAP, we’re spending a lot of money, want to be sure we don’t rush and take all the precautions available for the best possible result.

Emotions are all over the place. It’s stressful for both my husband and me. Causing some tension between us. I’m also not telling my family too much so there’s not many people I can discuss this with. Which makes me overthink and not get things off my chest.

Trying to stay busy and positive throughout this journey. It’s been long and hard. We’re closer now than ever. One step at a time. Need to keep our eyes ahead and keep moving forward!!

👶 💜💙✨