Anyone with the same problem?


So i have had recurring miscarriages and no explanation as to why it keeps happening again and again. I finally found a doctor that decided to do actual blood work to look for blood clotting disorders and antibodies and things of that nature to find out why. i was so sure something would come back on it and i would know what to do to fix it, well everything came back completely normal. nearly perfect actually. I once had a doctor tell me i didn’t ovulate regularly so i took clomid for several rounds, ovulated every time. never got pregnant on it. then tried fermra and still nothing. Every time i get pregnant everything goes so well and looks good until i get around 6-8 weeks and i lose it every time. Each baby has had a perfect heartbeat and grew right on track every time and then just one day it all goes downhill real quick. I guess my point and question is that has anyone else ever experienced this before? They say everything is completely normal for me and nothing is wrong or to be explained but why does this keep happening. Girls please help i’m getting so desperate and idk what else to do, i’m not the kinda person to give up but this heartbreak is unreal. Each time i’ve gotten pregnant it took me around 6 months of trying so i think that’s pretty normal, so getting pregnant isn’t the biggest issue, just staying pregnant never happens for me